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How to Make Tzitzit (Tzitzis) / Tallit /Prayer Shawl

A step by step video how to tie your own tzitzit. 



Easy instructions how to tie your own tzitzit:

The Torah requires Tzitzis to be placed on any four-cornered garment worn by a man during the day. Tztizit strings must be tied according to specific instructions,  the strings must be made in a certain way, and they must be tied in a certain way. They must be made of a specific number of strings and they must be a minimum of a certain length. So is the style and number of knots required to meet to  exact requirements. Below is a basic guide on how to make your own Tzitzis or Tallit.


(Note: the instructions are for Tzitit with only white strings according to the Ari Z"L. If doing another minhag (style) , or using techelet, the instructions are different.)


1.      Buy the Tallit or Tzitzit garment and strings. Jewish gift shops and book stores carry the special strings required for doing the tzitzit. One should make sure that the tzitzit strings have an authentic rabbinical supervision, there has been incidents where tzitzit strings were manufactured in far eastern countries without adhering to the basic halachic requirements.

2.      It is required halachically that you say "L'shem mitzvat tzitzit" (For the purpose of the tzitzit commandment) at every step.

3.      You should have 16 Strings in total (4 for each corner). 4 longer strings  are included in the above count, These 4 strings will be used to tie around the 3 remaining strings at each corner.

4.      Push three regular strings and one "longer" string through the first corner corner of the garment. (You can start at any corner you wish). You will now have the strings folded in half, giving you a total of 8 strings folded.

5.      Separate four of the strings and tie a knot twice with the two groups of 4.

6.      Take the longer string and wrap it around the remaning strings 7 times.

7.      Tie another double knot with the two groups of 4.

8.      Now wrap the longer string around the other strings 8 times.

9.      Tie another double knot.

10.  Wrap around the longer string 11 times.

11.  Tie another double knot.

12.  Wrap around the longer string 13 times.

13.  Tie another double knot.

14.  Your Tzitzit / Tallit garment is now completed.

15.  Repeat the above steps for the remaining 3 corners.


Great Tips

When the garment is fully completed, dip the knots into boiling water for a few seconds. This will make the knots tight and should prevent them from becoming unraveled.

Should your knots start to become unraveled, repair them as soon as possible, procrastination will cause them to completely fall apart.




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